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Standing there looking up at the historic site called Mt. St Helens is not as fun as riding a helicopter to get a closer look at the beautiful mountain. Hi I am Augustus Porter, I’m 14 years old and the ride I took was amazing. The view is a lot better up high where you can see all your surroundings unfold before your eyes. Flying up to the mountain was smooth and a great learning experience where the pilots tell you all about the mountain and those around it. This picture below is one I took in the helicopter, of one of the surrounding mountains where a lake lies below it as the picture shows. Once you made it to the top of the mountain you can see there is an awesome 700 ft. tall dome where the volcano finished flowing. Behind that, you can see steam curl where the glacier starts to melt from the heat of the volcano. Flying is the best way to get up close to Mt. St Helens.


Big Piney, Wyoming Mount St. Helens

So incredible we could almost touch the mountain!

Mary Lee

Bellevue, WA

Gorgeous! One to cross off the bucket list.

David & Tracy

Boise, ID

Incredible experience to see the devastation from above. Excellent trip and great commentary!

Christine & Mike

Newcastle, UK

Thanks so much. It was a one of a kind experience that I will never forget!


NYC, New York

I wanted to express my appreciation for the wonderful flight over Mt. Saint Helens. The flight was absolutely breathtaking and a once in a lifetime experience for my 3 grandchildren and me.

The pilot, Mike explained to us in great detail the facts surrounding the eruption of Mt. St. Helens and the destruction that it caused. It was so well done that I felt like I was watching a documentary as we flew over the area. My grandchildren were thrilled and took the information home to their parents. It was an education in the Earth’s volcanic activity that they would never learn in a classroom. I filmed the entire flight and the children will be able to share it with their classmates when they return to school.

Again, thank you for the education, the congeniality we received from Steve who explained the safety rules to us, and to the pilot for the safe and informative flight. I would also like to thank Hillsboro Aviation for this opportunity and for providing the high quality training to their pilots and attendants.


Victor, Idaho

We had an amazing time, great views, and you were right, this is the only way to see Mount St. Helens!

Anca & Thomas

Toronto, Canada

I have done this flight several times and I never lose the awe that I experience each time we take off and fly over the canyon. It is a wonderful way to experience up close the power of nature not only from the impact of the initial eruptions but also the amazing recovery of plants and wildlife that is still occurring today. I would recommend this tour for anyone for a once in a lifetime experience.


Beaverton, Oregon

A wonderful way to see the mountain. The pilot did a great job of narrating. We would recommend this as a must do!


Las Vegas, Nevada

The helicopter tour with Hillsboro Aviation gave me a truly unforgettable and unique experience over Mt. St. Helens. Our pilot was very knowledgeable about the area and explained the history of the mountain as we flew over the crater, Spirit Lake and the Toutle River Valley. The entire operation was first-class, from start to finish. I’d recommend this once-in-a-lifetime experience to everyone!


Portland, Oregon